PMC Hepatitis Treatment

Hepatitis Treatment Services are offered at PMC at affordable rates. Upon completion of all the investigations, the patient is scheduled in Sunday Camp for consultation with medical specialist. The medical specialist prescribes the treatment which includes interferon therapy and antiviral drugs. All the injectables and drugs are available at Pak Medical Centre for treatment of viral hepatitis.

PMC negotiate with all of the suppliers to avail maximum discount for our patients. Due to our non-profit commitment, all discounts availed from suppliers are directly passed to patients of Pak Medical Centre. This ensures the availability of world class medicine at subsidized rates for PMC patients.

The medicines can be collected through presenting the prescription at our main reception. The patients are provided with cost estimates before start of the treatment. In case if someone needs to have further financial support, the patient is referred to financial support department. The financial support department interviews the patients and provides a financial support evaluation form to the patient which he/she is supposed to submit back along with desired details and copy of electricity bill.

The financial support officer visits the patient home for verification of details provided by patients. After verification report by financial support officer, the final decision is taken to provide the financial support. The patient is called up to declare the final decision. In most of the cases, the patient is allowed to start the treatment in a situation where some portion of the expense is paid by patient and remaining is paid by Pak Welfare Foundation.

The interferon therapy includes a weekly injection to be administered at PMC only. We discourage issuing the injections in bulk to patient due to non-availability of cold chain management at patient home. The success rate of interferon is directly related to storage of the injections at required temperature range. PMC has made special arrangements to ensure desired cold chain management for achieving maximum success rate. Two backup generators are available at PMC to keep the freerzers running in time of electricity failures. This is the reason why PMC has the highest rate of success.

All the major anti-viral drugs for hepatitis are available at PMC. One can avail these by presenting prescription at our main reception.

Before start of the treatment, every patient needs to get PCR & Genotyping testing in line with international hepatitis treatment protocols. After first month of treatment, the PCR is repeated to know the response of therapy, then after 3 months and then at the end of treatment. The world class real time PCR and genotyping facilities are available in house at very economical rates for the benefits of hepatitis patients. During the treatment, the patient can meet his/her physician any time as per their clinic schedules in case of any emergency/ complications.

PMC has arranged all the required services for treatment of hepatitis patients under one roof to ensure timely availability of all requirements of a hepatitis patient.